Airdrop Alert: NFpad X Firedrop Finance

2 min readNov 4, 2023


🚀Exciting News for the NFpad Community!🚀

NFpad partners with Firepot Finance, and is happy to reward our community of loyal subscribers with some exclusive giveaways. 🎉🎁

If you subscribed before Nov 4th, you stand a chance to win an iPhone 14 (512GB), and an extra $50 in airdrop tokens from

🚀 Overview of the project: Firepot Finance🚀

Firepot Finance is a groundbreaking DeFi initiative aimed at streamlining and expanding the accessibility of DeFi globally. In contrast to traditional crypto projects concentrating solely on existing web3 users, Firepot Finance endeavors to engage and convert individuals accustomed to CeFi systems, reaching a broader audience.

What you should know👇

✔️Firepot’s native token is $HOTT, functioning as the utility and governance token for the Firepot Finance platform. What distinguishes $HOTT is the innovative rHOTT mechanism, inspired by Camelot DEX and their GRAIL token, but customised with our unique approach.

✔️Through Firepot, users can stake their tokens for rHOTT, delving into a realm of gamified rewards, participation in DAO, personal yield boosters, and discounts for stake-for-service.

✔️Accumulating $HOTT and engaging in the Firepot journey results in rHOTT holdings becoming the gateway to a vibrant DeFi experience, enhancing every interaction, empowering every decision, and maximizing every opportunity.

✔️The firepot team is dedicated to construct a future where decentralized finance seamlessly merges with widespread adoption on a global scale. As DeFi emerges as a transformative force in the financial realm, Firepot leads the charge towards a smooth, inclusive, and efficient DeFi system.

Want to know more?🤠

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